Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beautiful Pictures Set 21 (click on image to enlarge)

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Christie said...

Wow, those pictures are amazing!

Viqi French said...

Hi Wnix,

Just popped in to say THANKS for joining the new BC group "Viral Reports Swap Meet"!

I look forward to exchanging and keeping in touch.

Best, Viqi

PS, if you ever want a hot viral report created to support your photography, just give me a shout at info@petleopard.com

Nextw@y said...

Très, très jolies photos !

Bravo et Amitiés !

Bienvenue à :
Une photo de moi,
tous les jours !

Fook Weng said...

Hi Wnix,
Really nice picture. Suggest to put a location tag on your pictures
to know their whereabouts


Alicia said...

Just letting you know I love those pictures they seem almost "unreal"!

milfordian22 said...

what fab photos very inspiring i love photograpy and hope to be able to do the same some day

kingStAraZ said...

that's good. thank you

Matty B said...

these pictures are totally photoshopped...i can tell by some of the pixels and having seen a lot of 'shops in my time.